Welcome to

Hoofer's Haven is a Sanctuary

for pigs, primarily Pot-Bellied

pigs. However, there are

other exotic and small wild animals as well.

Hoofers Haven is currently

the only Sanctuary of its kind

in Canada.


This is Charlotte, She likes to root in the yard

So, her owners, decided they didn't want her anymore.

Hoofer's Haven takes in

Animals that have been

abused, abandoned or

neglected as well as those

that owners cannot keep any

longer for various reasons.

Left to Right

Ptou - 3 years

Peggy Sue - 7 years

Arnold - 3 years

Hercules is the rooster

The Sanctuary spays and

neuters all pigs and seeks

appropriate adoptive homes

for many of its residents.

The sanctuary also helps to

educate the public

on the needs and behaviors

of Pot-Bellied pigs

They provide literature and

visits with the pigs, to help

increase public awareness.

You can help enrich the lives of pigs

by becoming a safe house participant,

volunteer or just a member of Hoofer's Haven

For more information contact:

Hoofer's Haven, RR 6, First Concession

Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C-5N5

Or email

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